Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Launched Kakathiya Seva Samithi Organization @ Our Dharmavaram

Kakathiya Seva Samithi Organization is started to prepare a vision for ‪#‎OurDharmavaram‬ in next 10 years starting from 2016. Please share ideas on how to make ‪#‎OurDharmavaram‬ as model village in the following areas in next 10 years.
- Clean and Green Village
- Farm mechanisation to increase Agriculture productivity
- Improve organic Farming.
- Utmost usage of technology in Farming.
- Digital and Connected Village.
- Skill-full Village in varied areas.
- Finally a model village for rest of India.

As we discussed during our gathering on 13th January, We are taking-up 3 development programs immediately in ‪#‎OurDharmavaram‬ :
1) Planting trees on the sides of the roads :- Avanti Feeds Ltd, Kovvur promised to sponsor 100-130 plants with tree guards for our village. Thanks to Annamareddy Surya Rao ( lachhala tata) and Kundula Surya Prakash for getting the sponsorship.
2) Providing a water tanker - would be ready by next month
3) Community Hall - Kakatiya Bhavan : We are in the process of acquiring the land. I will update on this in a couple of days.

Some of the members announced donations on the day of gathering. We are opening a bank account to deposit all the amounts received to make it accountable. Please share this information to all and contribute your self to develop our village. 

Social amenities of our village

It has its own dedicated village panchayat office, one district secondary school and one village library. Also there are a dedicated co-operative society which is handy for farmers to get any fertilizers for the crops and a Primary Health Centre which reaches out to people to render its services in grave times. The majority of the population lives on agriculture due to availability of good water resources.
In the era of Digital divide between urban and rural areas, this village can be seen as positive role model, where there is less demarcation between these two communities. Almost every road in this village is a well laid cement road and the pervasiveness of this development can be seen even through the remotest location of this village.

Get together party conducted at our dharmavaram on 13/01/2016.

On 13/01/16 arranged get together party @ Our Dharmavaram..
Had discussed and taken necessary decisions to develop ‪#‎OurDharmavaram‬ village. Thank you guys who are participated in this event.
And special thanks to organizers for your hard work and dedication. like emoticon like emoticon
Will update more information in soon regarding this event.

Some pictures from this meeting..